B&Z Watch Review By Bess Carter – Barbas and Zacári

B&Z Watch Review By Bess Carter


There are a lot of bloggers out there promoting different watch companies, I’m sure you’ve seen them splattered across your Instagram feed, and I myself have even received a few different kinds for review purposes over the years. I’ve also turned many down, in case you are wondering. I do my best to only take on things that I think my readers & followers will enjoy and that I will genuinely like. And I’m usually pretty spot on with that! I have to say, and y’all know I’m nothing if I’m not honest: This brand is hands down my favorite watch. Let me introduce you, in case you are not already acquainted! Meet Barbas & Zacari.  


The watch I got is called “Rose” that you can see here.  Some of the things I love about it include the design, the easily interchangeable watch bands, the comfort, and the price point.

First off regarding the design: I mean it’s gorgeous. I’m nothing short of obsessed with rose gold right now anyways and I love the amount of detailing on this watch. The blush band has been my favorite (blush is totally a neutral these days by the way) but I also have the black band and white band too. More on them interchanging in a moment. I also really love that the watch itself is a little bigger. I personally really dig women’s watches that are a bit more masculine: larger watch face, thicker band, more masculine design just in general. Super dainty little watches really aren’t my thing. And it’s got that larger face that I like a lot but it’s not heavy at all. I’ve got some watches that are SO heavy which I think is probably why a lot of women do choose to go with the traditionally more feminine styles due to comfort. This one is surprisingly lightweight so that is a plus!

So yes, back to the easily interchangeable watch bands. I kid you not when I say I have previously received a watch that was so difficult for me (by me I mean Craig, I make him change all the bands LOL) to even just adjust to fit my wrist that I ended up ruining it. That is crazy! Some you have to use these tiny little tools like you’re some kind of elf putting together this watch (except you’re human size using an elf-sized tool) so yeah, that also is not good in my book. Changing the bands of the Barbas & Zacari watches is so easy, I don’t even have to make Craig help me. I can actually do it myself. It just pops in and out in a second!!

The bands are also super comfortable and even a little bit stretchy, ever so slightly, which I love because it really breaks in to fit your wrist perfectly. We’ve all had that watch that digs into us in the wrong places. I’m not into that. I need everything I wear to be comfortable. That is priority numero uno.

Lastly is the price point. This particular watch that I have is currently on sale for under $100 which is awesome and an amazing value for the style and quality that you are getting. But all of the watches are well under $200 and many are on sale. Also, for an even bigger discount, you can use code BESSCARTER20 for 20% off your purchase. Woohoo!! It’s TIME to go snag yourself a new watch, I think 😉 Sorry, couldn’t help myself!!

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