Nigam Prerna x Barbas and Zacari – Barbas and Zacári
Nigam Prerna x Barbas and Zacari

Nigam Prerna x Barbas and Zacari

Nigam Prerna demonstrates for us the fun and fashionable ways you can switch up your look to fit any occasion. 


Here's what she had to say: 


You might be surprised at how changing a strap can make it feel like you’ve got an entirely new watch. ⌚️
With other watches you might have to visit a watch shop to have your watch strap changed by a professional, but swapping out the bands in @barbasandzacari is easy enough to do yourself in no time, anywhere.
Watch me change the strap from black to brown in a matter of minutes and reinvent the look of my watch. .
Working from the underside of my watch, I gently push back the bolt on the strap to loosen the black leather strap and insert the brown leather strap with the bolt in the two holes on the inside of the lugs.
Repeat on the other side to fully interchange the strap on both sides.
And tada! You are done! .
P.S. Changing of strap in #barbaszacari is very the similar to that of a door bolt lock. Simple & Super Easy! .




All of the mnmlst, original, and moment's collection are interchangeable which allows you to create new looks to fit any look.  


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