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The Best Ways To Style A Barbas & Zacari Watch

It’s amazing how wrist watches are only worn around your wrists but they give your whole personality a touch of style and fashion. Of course, to create the best look and give the best impression, you need to pick the right watch as well. Barbas&Zacari is proud to serve you with its gorgeously beautiful lineup of watches. The common factor in most Barbas & Zacari watches is the elegantly simple and simply stylish. Now, if you have been looking to create a look that is talked about for days by everyone who sees you, look at few of these.

The Elegant Bearded Look

This one is for boys, but girls can turn it into their style with a few modifications. Wear a full sleeve patterned t-shirt in a dark color. Keep your beard at the heavy stubble stage. Pick up a pair of dark shades in a design that suits your face cut. And now for the final touch, you can go with the Nightfall from Barbas and Zacari’s Moments collection. Black color is a clear favorite of most men and this look with major blackness in it will make you look elegant, stylish and definitely sexy for the girls out there.

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Let Your Wrist Shine

While it is true that men love to wear black because it just fills their personalities with buckets of style, it does not always have to be an all-black look. How about making a few eyes notice your wrist this time? Wear your favorite pair of jeans and a good-looking t-shirt from your closet. The true aspects of this look are added with a leather jacket on top and a black cap. Turn the cap sideways to let your face be visible. Once done with that, it’s time to add the gem to the look – the Aspen watch from Barbas&Zacari’s original collection.

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Beauty in the Boots

With this particular look, you would want to let your hair loose and carry a lively personality. Wear blue-indigo jeans and a dark colored top. You can decide the type of top you want because you can try many different types of tops with this style. You could go for a jersey top or even try a cardigan with full sleeves. Land a punch on people’s fashion sense with high heel booties. You could try high heel desert boots, clogs or even desert wedges. Make your final move with that golden “The Millennium watch” with a black dial.

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The Slash Neck Top Notch

Do you like wearing slash neck tops with off-shoulder sleeves? If you do then here’s a chance for you to make this look your own. A camouflage trouser with a slash neck top is the start of this look. If you are not into camouflages, you might want to wear any dark colored trouser. The idea here is to match your wristwatch with your top, so we recommend you go with a white top. A frill top will be a perfect choice here. To match with your white top, we have our beautiful Aspen watch from the original collection. The contrast between white and rose gold is pure awesomeness in action.

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The Identifiable

Wear a pair of black jeans with some faded effect. It does not have to be the skinniest one in your closet. Top it up with a jersey in your favorite color. You know you can make any color work with black jeans. Put on some classic sneakers to go with this look, but if that’s not your type, you could try the hi-tops as well. The watch that will work the best with this look is Midnight from Barbas&Zacari’s original collection. This is an all-black watch and works best with a matching leather strap. You just have to keep that sleeve up to keep it showing.

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The Bold and Bright

If you are a girl who’s proud to be herself, you will be the best person to sport this look. The main idea behind this look is to wear punchy and bright colors. With whatever punchy top you wear, you need to have some bold makeup on too. Talk about making your lips look luscious, thick eyeliner etc. Add some oversized earrings to make this even bolder. Now, naked wrists will definitely not work with this look. The only thing missing here is Barbas&Zacari’s Dawn watch. This watch is from our Moments Collection and it is one of the most beautiful watches for women.

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Killer Look

Are you someone with tattoos on your arm? Just like wristwatches, tattoos can completely change your looks when done right. How do you think it will look if you could flaunt an arm tattoo as well as a wristwatch? You don’t have to get too picky about the dressing. Just wear your casual jeans and a simple t-shirt. Keep your tattooed arm naked. On this tattooed arm, you will boast our Nightfall from the best sellers. As minimalistic as it looks, this watch has a personality of its own. It goes perfectly well with a casual or formal look.

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Dressed up to Impress

If you like dressing formal because you have to be out and traveling constantly for business related meetings, you can make that look work for you every time too. When it comes to formal dressing, it’s gray, black, white etc. that you mostly wear. How do you add colors to this look to kill the blandness of it? The answer is that you pick this rose gold timepiece from our The Millennium look. The rose gold mesh strap, casing, crown and needles make your overall look step out of the blandness and monotony, whereas the black dial (face) of the watch keeps it relevant to your dressing and lifestyle.

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Now, these are just some of the looks that we can suggest you use to bring your stylish personality out. You should surely go ahead and create some of your own looks that work with Barbas&Zacari watches, and tell us how you felt.

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