A confession no fashion blogger has ever made before – Barbas and Zacári
A confession no fashion blogger has ever made before

A confession no fashion blogger has ever made before

OK, I’ll admit it. I don’t know what my personal style actually is. I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to fashion, and way way way too many clothes hanging in my closet for one person, yet, despite being constantly surrounded by the fashion world, I don’t think I could clearly define what style of clothing makes me ‘tick’.

This may seem weird coming from a fashion blogger, but I’m also a Gemini. We are known for changing personalities, and boy can I flit from one to another real quick (take away my chocolate – devil Riri comes out!). So I guess I can blame it on the stars as to why I am so unpredictable in what I like when it comes to fashion.

I think this is why I am so excited about Barbas & Zacari’s changeable straps. One day I’m as girly as anything and flounce around in pink dresses, which obviously needs a cute pink watch to go with it too … right? But then the next day I will get in touch with my ‘classic ’ side, and for me, this requires a minimalistic white timepiece.

I love waking up each day and having a choice. Choice of what I want to wear, choice of how I want to look, choice of what I am truly feeling. With Baras & Zacari, I can express whoever I want to be each day through my love of fashion.


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